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Rassoul Aleshi Shares his Invented Simple Technical Strategy to Live with Health, Happiness, Love & Self-Expression.

Class 1976 alumni of SCU .

MS EE Santa Clara Univ. Santa Clara CA.

BS in Physics Univ. Tehran Iran

Starting at Hewlett-Packard in1976 taking multiple tasks as Hardware and Software developer and marketing till 2003 and moved to major companies as TRD, Lookahead/NASA, Fairchild National Semiconductor , Sony …

Correlation of my invented strategies in my life

US patent National Semi and Sony Electronics.

#5101149 Noise reduction Technique.

Correlated: “Love your neighbored as yourself”

Jesus Matt 22:39

#6031499 Ground Isolated power supply

Correlated: “Be in the world not of the world”

Jesus Paraphrased